Documentation Centre in Hinzert

January 13, 2010


Architects: Wandel Hoefer Lorch + Hirsch, Saarbrucken

  • All-in-one supporting structure, roof and facade, forms a single whole
  • The expressive outer skin in oxidized steel is both load-bearing structure and facade
  • Skin consists of 1,160 triangular steel plates of 12-millimetre cor-ten steel
  • Cut by means of computer numerical control (CNC) to different sizes.
  • The angles between the individual plates were calculated in such a way that the elements provide the necessary structural height, and the folded structure has adequate stiffness
  • From these, 12 large elements were prefabricated in the workshop to be subsequently welded together on site.
  • After welding, the steel surfaces were sandblasted and evenly oxidized
  • The inner skin consists of triangular birch plywood panels, to which photographs and texts have been applied using an ink jet process- like a contemporary form of fresco.  
  •  The supporting construction is thermally separated from the steel structure



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