Galleria Hall West

January 13, 2010

Architects: UN Studio / Van Berkel + Bos, South Korea

  • Facade causes a continually shifting, shimmering, alluring perception
  • Total of 4330 glass discs hung from a metal substructure that is directly mounted on the existing concrete cladding of the department store
  • The glass discs are made of sandblasted laminated glass, including a special dicroic foil
  • These discs are treated with a special iridescent foil, so during the day the atmospheric and weather changes influence the degree of reflection and absorption of light and color on the glass circles, so that from different viewing points the appearance of each disc and the total surface changes constantly according to those external conditions that are beyond human control.
  • At night, a special lighting scheme illuminates the discs by reflecting the dynamics of the weather conditions hat happened during the day
  • At night, the lighting design developed for the façade additionally starts to interact with the material condition of the glass discs.
  • By placing behind each of the glass discs an LED-light source and by controlling the lights digitally one by one, the possibilities to manipulate color and light emission become endless
  • Recording day-to-day weather conditions and processing the data with the computer before projecting them in transformed version onto the glass skin is just one out of many possibilities of the technology used
  • The façade solution also has the potential to be adapted for special occasions and can be changed over time according to seasons, fashion events and artistic inspirations
  • Whatever visual information is projected onto the discs, it will be transformed due to the material conditions of the glass disc and foils

Typical glass disc facade section:

  • 1. Cladding with coloured folded aluminum plate
  • 2. Covering due to odd gutter
  • 3. Cantilevering toughened and doubled layered glass
  • 4. Clamp onto galvanized steel tubes. Clad with coloured folded aluminum plate
  • 5. Existing prefab facade elements

Detail glass disc:

  • 1. Triangle shaped steel profile
  • 2. Glass disc (830) 2x5mm toughened with 2x foils
  • 3. Clamp steel