Architects: Future Systems, London

  • Bright blue facade covered with polished aluminum discs which seems to float on the surface
  • Discs change their appearance according to time of day and weather conditions
  • The three-dimensionally curved skin of the building covers the entire volume
  • The walls are a cost-effective solution of sprayed-concrete facade, insulated on the outside and then finished with a coat of coloured synthetic sealant
  • Fixed on top of this, via an adjustable connection, are the aluminum discs
  • This connection detail consists of a holding plate, affixed centrally, and a domed cover plate
  • First every tenth disc was fixed in horizontal bands, and then the remainder positioned accordingly in between
  • The slightly different spacing between the discs even out the variations in the curvature of the shell
  • All 660 mm in diameter, the 15,000 identical discs were produced in series- pressed, spun, and finally polished to a mirror finish and naturally anodized