Architects: Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners, London

  • Structural spans of up to 124 metres
  • The basic form of the construction is a series of intersecting geodesic domes
  • This geometry offers a number of advantages: it facilitates a lightweight yet rigid structure; and it is easily prefabricated with a plug-in jointing system that offers a high degree of precision and can be delivered to the construction site as a series of small components
  • The dome construction is divided into two layers
  • The outer skin is based on a hexagonal framework, the inner layer on a triangular and hexagonal grid
  • At the lines of intersection between the domes are complex, three-chord, triangular steel trusses
  • The covering consists of light ETFE cushions, which are inflated by compressors
  • The overall weight of the construction is less than that o the air it encloses